We all like toys. The latest smart phone, the shiniest watch, the most sci-fi television, the most amazing camp stove (no, really! Look at this, from Wired)

But some gadgets are better than others, and some hard-earned dollars are better spent than others.

The pricy hot foot, from Thermacell.

All we’re asking, as the trusted brains behind Giants Among Men, is this: do you actually need to spend close to $A300 on toasty warm heated insoles for your shoes? Yes, walking the dog or standing on the sideline of school sports in winter can be chilly, but seriously? Three hundred bucks?

Good job, Thermacell, who, to be fair, were probably thinking of Canadians in show, more than the mildness of Australian winter, when they designed the FroFLEX heavy duty.

And yes, there’s an app. Of course there’s an app. There’s an app to help you adjust the rechargeable-battery-powered warmth of your feet.

The Converse Chuck II waterproof shield canvas high top. Nice!

Can we humbly suggest that down here, where it’s only so cold, a much better and cheaper option is the Converse Chuck II waterproof shield canvas high-top runner ($US79). Throw a pair of Explorer socks from Army Disposals under these genuinely waterproof and stylish shows and you’re good to go. Battery free. The only issue is that we looked all over Converse Australia’s site and it doesn’t seem to be there so you might need to import from the US site.

And as for televisions, all we can say to LG’s new W7 OLEN ultrathin is: Holy Meet George Jetson! No seriously, The Jetsons writers totally called ultrathin TV’s, way back in the ’60s: check out at the 01.00 minute mark – or stay til the end where Mrs Jetson uses Siri to call her mum on an iPhone. Spooky). Anyway, back to the LG W7 OLEN ultrathin … it was the star of the Consumer Electronics Show in New York in January, and it’s easy to see why. As you’d expect, this new W7 has even more

The LG W7 OLED ultrathin. The sound comes from the unit below, allowing the screen to only worry about what you’re seeing.

baxillion pixels than the last model, has better sound than most cinemas, etc etc, but what’s got everybody really excited is its physical profile. The W7 ultrathin is literally slimmer than an iPhone. Think two 20 cent coins stacked together thick. And it’s crazy light as well. It’s designed to sit on the wall like a poster, instead of as a major installation.

Sony and Samsung also debuted similar crazy thin, holy fuck performance screens in New York so go do some drooling before you take out a second mortgage to actually buy one.

The LG W7 starts shipping in March, and costs a lazy $A 10,895 for the 65 inch version, with an even huger 77-inch and much more expensive version to come. Just in time for the footy season.

  • This Gadgets Among Men column was written independently, without any financial or other incentives from companies mentioned. We just like cool shit. So there.