This American Life is so often on the money but a recent segment spoke straight to Giants Among Men. In an episode looking at pirates, the prologue detailed the life and adventures of Major Stede Bonnet, a nobleman back in the day who woke up one morning and apparently thought: ‘You know what I should be doing with my life? I should be throwing away everything to become a pirate …’

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This American Life bonus: find out why Blackbeard’s beard was on fire.

Honestly, you should listen to it, and I guarantee you’ll feel better about whatever crazy midlife crisis thoughts you may be entertaining or have entertained.

Special guest star: Blackbeard.

To find the episode, click here.

If you’re more the kind of dude who prefers to read a court transcript from 1719, detailing what happened to Major Bonnet in the language of the time, then click here.

We won’t judge. We accept all kinds here, Me Hearties.