So, on something approaching a whim, we decided it was time the world knew about this site. It’s probably not ready to be unveiled, being something of a prototype, but people had started to explore it, having found it through some Facebook links, and so we embraced that.

The response has been fantastic. So many comments saying that a concept like GiantsAmongMen is needed, is important, is an adventure people want to follow. So thank you for your enthusiasm and social media sharing.

Now we just have to make the site happen, for real.

We have some big plans, including a lot of real world aspects that we are excited to announce, when we can. For now, please feel free to share issues, ideas, stories you’d like us to cover. We’re aiming to inspire our audience of 45-60 year old men, to give them lift-off to have ever-better lives and rock out this age of life. We also want to offer support, meaningful advice and a solid brotherhood for men dealing with the slings and arrows of life at this age.

So, please, we’d love this to be a two way conversation.
Email us on or, if you’re really old skool, you can send snailmail to PO Box 4308, East Richmond, 3121, Vic.