By Nicko Place 

GiantsAmongMen has been quiet lately because we’ve been having some giant adventures, wandering Seoul, swimming with manta rays and then coughing our lungs up for a week and a half (that last one doesn’t fit into the giant adventure part).

Normal posting will resume shortly.

But in the meantime, we’d like to introduce a semi-regular feature, Word on a Wire. It’s a collection of stuff that has caught our eye during our everyday internet or real world roaming. Basically, stuff that men of a certain age might find interesting.


1. Live forever.

And where better to start than the fact that apparently you’re never going to die? Or at least you’re a chance to live well into your hundred-and-teens …

Thought it was too late to learn a new language, or take up golf? Bardzo się mylisz!

Go buy some new clubs.

2. The Department of Newfangled Technology, circa 1967

It’s not the point of this site to make you feel old, in fact just the opposite. But I always find it a little scary when I realise how long I’ve been wandering the Earth, such as when somebody dives back 50 years (I was two) to see what was ‘cutting edge’ at the Consumer Electronics Show that year in New York. I love the prediction for how television would look in 1999.

3. The problem with masculinity

This is a slightly older piece from The Atlantic, and is a tough read at times, but makes some fascinating points about why macho life may not be the best way forward from here.

Such as:
‘All the laughing at offensive jokes, all the pumping iron, all the drinking, competing, all the suppressed pain and hiding of sadness, all the colluding in sexist office politics, all the coping alone, all the diseases diagnosed too late, all the hours of boredom talking about sport, all of it, all of it—for what? To keep up the act to be a foot soldier for an imaginary leader who sits in the top corner office of our unconscious.’



4. Well, hello once more, little plumber

Screenshot 2017-06-29 15.35.36
The 2017 edition of Super Nintendo ES Classic. Gizmodo says it’s no Switch

And speaking of old technology, Nintendo has announced it’s bringing back the Super Nintendo Classic – and in fact, it’s already selling out as a pre-sale – but Gizmodo, for one, isn’t buying.

How many of you giants still have the original kicking around in the back of a cupboard? Let us know in the comments below.


5.  Keeping the feathery beat

And for any single giants out there, take solace in the fact that us humans aren’t alone in having to work hard to impress the ladies. Cockies, for example, have been found to perform drum solos in their quest to land a, um, bird.

Here’s one we found in a three second Youtube search …



* with apologies to the late Leonard Cohen