The Sydney Swans football club became a premiership-winning powerhouse under former coach Paul Roos, and has continued to be one of the AFL’s strongest clubs under Roos’ successor John Longmire.

In ‘Better Out Than In‘, a fantastic series on mental health, and personal stories of footballers and others who have suffered from depression and other mental conditions, Longmire was interviewed about how the club handles the players and their issues outside of football.

I particularly love his thoughts on when he realises football messages aren’t getting through to one of his players, and so he puts football aside and says, ‘Let’s not talk about football. Let’s talk about whatever else its on your mind.’

GiantsAmongMen is all about trying to be leaders in the world and using our experience as 45-year-old plus men to lift and support those around us. I was really struck by Longmire’s honesty and leadership.

‘Better Out Than In’ is an initiative of several AFL bodies, especially at the AFLPA (players’ association) and Beyond Blue. It has some great messages for all of us.