We’ve all been accused of suffering man-flu, the strange and shocking malady which is somehow, mysteriously, infinitely worse than a common cold, as suffered by our female co-inhabitants on Earth, who pride themselves on not breaking stride under similar duress. Been a lot of it about this Australian winter.

And now, on his excellent new album, Life Is Fine, the ageless troubadour Paul Kelly has set the man-flu to music, with the song ‘My man’s got a cold’ – driven by the always incredible vocals of Vika Bull (who it must be said sings it with the sort of conviction and commitment that hints she might have had to mop a few man-flu brows in her time.)

Paul Kelly has reportedly slipped outside the far end of GiantsAmongMen‘s 45-60 demographic, but we refuse to let him go join the retirement living brigade, even if he wants to, which I strongly suspect he doesn’t.

Instead, we happily present the one decent dose of a man suffering a cold that you’re likely to find enjoyable this winter:

Definition of troubadour? Close enough:
Screenshot 2017-08-16 10.31.28