Word On The Wire 2, aka ‘More things a man should know’. Hey, if nothing else, you’ll be the king of the water cooler crowd.

Baby steps, Giants, baby steps to glory …

Hackable hair

Apparently, Daniel Craig is going around one more time as James Bond, so here’s a free kick for whoever is trying to come up with the latest 007 gadgetry: a recent conference was presented with the reality that computer code malware can be carried biologically now. Yes, according to Wired, the day is coming where somebody can carry malware within the strands of their personal DNA, potentially spreading a devastating computer takedown, just by touching a machine linked to the system.

Screenshot 2017-08-19 22.29.00
DNA: Good luck with that, cyber-security folk. Have you tried turning your staff off and on again?

‘There are a lot of interesting—or threatening may be a better word—applications of this coming in the future,’ Peter Ney, a researcher on the project, told Wired.

There are hurdles to jump but the groundwork is proven. Sometimes I’m glad I’ll be in the Long Goodbye Sunny Sunset Nursing Home by the time some of this stuff lands for real. Although then again, with the speed of technology and hacking evolution, this all might be in place by Tuesday.

How to make fun of Nazis

GiantsAmongMen tries not to be too overtly political, but we’re comfortable in saying we’re pretty solidly anti-‘Alt Right Wing’ or, to use it’s more common name, Nazism.

Screenshot 2017-08-18 18.35.52
A Nazi, yesterday

So, given last week’s events in America, and the rise of the Right in Australia, some of these tips in the New York Times could be handy to keep on file. Its kind of cool that everyday German citizens have become the world champions at hanging shit on Hitler wannabes.

As Ricky Gervais once memorably tweeted: ‘You have the right to believe anything you want. You don’t have the right to have that belief automatically respected. Big difference.’

In fact, while on Gervais, here’s a fairly excellent pop quiz from him in Vanity Fair.

The video down the bottom is actually a fun watch.

Screenshot 2017-08-18 18.05.09
Gervais even wrote an inspirational message for our site’s audience on Twitter, without realising he was. Thanks, Ricky!

Blue suede shoes are optional…

Screenshot 2017-08-19 22.46.45
Presley’s genius was to say: ‘Sure, you might be thinking this pantsuit is a little gaudy, but to you I say: did you notice the cape? Your move.’

According to The Guardian, you can finally start strutting in your Elvis Presley jumpsuit without irony. Apparently a display of 40 of the not-dead-definitely-not-dead King’s pantsuits is happening in Blighty, and it’s been noted by the Guardian that recent fashion shows have featured jumpsuits for moody, gaunt-looking male models as a genuine offering to the retailer Gods.

Will they catch on? Or, to put it another way, do you head to work wearing your safari suit or authentic Elvis flared one-piece? Decisions, decisions.

OMG! Spider-Man’s father is alive!

And his name’s Dominic Holland, who some GiantsAmongMen might even remember as a British stand-up comedian a decade or so ago, when guys like Frank Skinner, Eddie Izzard and Steve Coogan were hitting it big. He’s just made a return to the stage, and a big part of his routine is about how his son, Tom’s career has already totally eclipsed his. Tom, by the way, is the latest actor to portray everybody’s friendly neighbourhood webslinger,  Peter Parker, on the screen in Homecoming (the movie is actually pretty good; got a nice light touch)

Say goodbye to the golden flush

Screenshot 2017-08-19 22.32.41
The Guggenheim’s Scrooge McDuck tribute toilet.

And finally, the solid gold toilet an artist installed at the Guggenheim (stroke chin, nod, say ‘Hmmmmm’ wisely) is being uninstalled next month. So if you’ve ever wanted to ‘drop the kids off at the pool’ in a solid gold umm pool, you have until September 15 to get your arse stateside (yes, pun intended).