* With apologies to Banjo Paterson, and Clancy

OK, so you’ve probably worked out by now that GiantsAmongMen is not some Murdoch-empire type production with a skyscraper full of sales staff, editorial experts and marketing types. In fact, until we can grow this thing, it’s pretty much me, Nicko, with a few amigos helping out because they believe in the cause.

The problem with that is when my mood for adventure overtakes my mood for being a responsible, wannabe GiantsAmongMen media mogul.

Like, now.

I’m heading to France for three weeks, in search of good Bretagne whisky, pubs that will show the AFL Grand Final – especially if Richmond happens to make it (Belushi’s Bar, if anybody is also looking for a big screen on the day) and some much-needed rest.

But stay tuned, because we’ve already got some great yarns and ideas lining up for when I get back, including, in no particular order:

  • Ben Laden’s lovehate relationship with the technology we all carry around at all times
  • Why single malt whisky still markets itself as awesome the older it is, when new distilleries have made a mockery of that sales pitch
  • Cartoons about the harsh and brutal and funny realities of being 45-60 and male and awesome, or possibly sub-awesome
  • Fear: how to acknowledge it in your life, deal with it and not be derailed by it
  • And is it possible for a tax inspector to carry 29 beer tankards at once? Oh, ok, what the Hell, you can have that one now.

Back in a month. Adventure awaits! Go Tigers!

And THANK YOU for being part of this Giant adventure so far. We plan for it to be epic once we get truly rolling,

Last time I was in Paris, I took this photo. What’s not to love?