I love this story from the LA Times.

It’s about two cops who just loved working together; loved working the streets, loved being old skool cops. And so resisted offered promotions, off-street executive police roles or other re-postings that that would take them away from one another.

Instead, they took the view that they had enough money to live, and they liked just catching bad guys. They treasured that they could spend all day every working day in a car together, for 30 years, without getting on each other’s nerves, and so why destroy a beautiful thing?

Screenshot 2017-11-06 09.52.54
The longest street cop pairing in Los Angeles police history. Photo by the LA Times

It’s only as I’ve hit 50 and realised that some of my friendships now span three or four decades that it has occurred how significant that is. With the surface chop of everyday life, there’s so much to be said for having those people around who really know you, who know the true you, from when you were a kid to who you are now, and most importantly the journey that got you there, good and bad.

So even if you’re not a bald LA cop with a bad moustache and sunglasses, think about whether you have a decades-long mate who you haven’t spoken to for a while, and call them. Keep those fires burning, just like Duarte and Marinelli.