A very cool campaign has just landed on Her Majesty’s Amazing Electrical Interweb (as we like to call the net).

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Find out in the video why this song should be in your mind if you have to perform CPR.

Richard Roxburgh’s roguish character from Rake, Cleaver Greene, has made a comeback (along with his secretary in the show, Nicole, played by Kate Box), in the name of educating us all on what to do if somebody suffers a cardiac arrest (heart attack) in our presence.

It’s very clever – an entertaining and informative video, which will have you toe-tapping happily in the shadow of life and death.

According to the ABC, the video, ‘Shock Verdict’ was created by a Tasmanian heart specialist Dr Paul MacIntyre, in the spirit of that campaign a few years ago starring Vinnie Jones as a hard man teaching us what to do in a similar emergency.

Check it out here. You’ll learn important things.