A range of cool, bizarre and straight-out terrifying inventions, developments and seaworms to take you into the weekend.

Throw another runner on the fire …

It seems every time I open the Book of Faces or other social media, there are adverts everywhere for Allbirds footwear. It’s another example of how these social media platforms worm into your passions and then try to exploit them. As a running shoe addict, I’ve had a lot of trouble flicking past the endless Allbirds promos, resisting the call of these supposedly super comfortable woollen running shoes, but I’ve managed to stay strong.

Screenshot 2018-03-16 12.08.08
Them trees are made for walkin’

But now things have become weird, because the new round of adverts are for tree-based runners. Yes, running shoes made from wood. You think I’m making this up, but I’m not. Click here.


You want to know what they feel like and whether they’re comfortable?

I have no idea because I haven’t bought any. TAKE THAT, ZUCKERBERG!!!

All in all, its just another TV on the wall …

If you think timber-runners are strange, then try the weirdness of Samsung’s latest television offering.

Screenshot 2018-03-16 12.31.20
Can you spot the TV? Or is it just a wall?

You know the world is tilting strangely when the most advertised feature of a brand new television is that you can pretend it’s the wall, not a TV.

By taking a photo of the wall.

Before you hang the TV.

So the screen can faithfully show the wall.

Now hidden behind the TV.

How many thousands am I paying for that, Samsung?

Doctor Slither

And Hell, if we’re going to dive into bizarre developments, let’s get away from retail and dive into your intestines, with a snakebot.

Again, not making this up. Medical researchers have invented a robot that moves like a snake to conduct surgery within the intestines by slithering down your inner tubing, knife at the ready. You’re welcome for the nightmares.

And seriously, if you ever laughed at the British comedy science show, Look Around You (and we highly recommend it) you may remember Medi-Bot! In Israel, they apparently thought it was a blueprint for medical developments, with seven different surgery-bots now a reality, or close to it.

and oh wait, we are not done …

If all of that was not terrifying enough, we at GiantsAmongMen HQ innocently sat down to watch the incredible TV series Blue Planet II, where David Attenborough introduced us to the Bobbit Worm (yes, named after the unfortunate John Bobbit, who you may remember from headlines a lot of years ago.

Screenshot 2018-03-16 12.07.15
A Bobbit Worm, yesterday. (Not actually yesterday) Pic: BBC

But seriously, Attenborough. WTF? The Bobbit Worm (actual name Eunice aphroditois)?? As somebody who has scuba dived with tiger sharks, bronze whaler, hammerhead sharks, sting rays and plenty of other potentially dangerous marinelife, it was this worm that got to me. I may never dive ever again!

Here’s the Smithsonian Youtube channel doing its best horror movie impression to introduce you to this beast. Sleep well, tonight.