There are only nine hours to go as I write this, but a fantastic Fathers Day initiative is happening at the Alfred Hospital for today only – where donations towards better mens health are being supersized by 4.

So if you give $25, your donation will be ‘matched’ by heavy hitter organisations to make it $100.

Or $50 becomes $200. And so on.

Screenshot 2018-08-31 14.41.53
Raising money for men’s health.

Find out more here.

The Alfred has saved the lives of two friends of the GiantsAmongMen editorial team in the last 12 months alone, when middle-aged hearts have had ‘a moment’ that could have been ‘the moment’, if not for brilliant work from the hospital’s Emergency Trauma team.

We’re all in favour of supporting today’s drive, and ask that, if you can spare any money, you consider helping the Alfred stay on top of looking after our demographic and everybody else the hospital supports.

To find out more about where the money will be spent, click here.

Oh, and happy Father’s Day, for Sunday, for the Giant Dads out there.


(Disclaimer: the founder of GiantsAmongMen, Nick Place, does some work for the Alfred, in his other working life, but we would like to emphasise that has no impact on our gratitude for the saved lives mentioned above, or the worthiness of donating.
This post is an unsolicited, unpaid endorsement of a good cause.)