This is a seriously good article from The Guardian. Regret is a complicated beast and almost impossible to avoid, especially in the long dark teatime of the soul at 3 am (well, for this writer, anyway).

I found the article useful on a few fronts. Not just the obvious point that regret is damaging negative energy in your life, but also that it’s okay to have acted or not acted in ways that eventually lead to regret in hindsight. Or as the article puts it, and this line really got me: “If you avoid doing anything that you might regret later, you will disengage from relationships, opportunities and eventually life itself – and the irony is, there is no more powerful source of regret than that.”

So take a deep dive into regret, into all the things you should have done, or could have done, or didn’t do, or – oops, shit – actually did.

Spend some time with this sentence: ““There is a tendency with regret to see the pathway you didn’t take as inevitably better than the pathway you did.”

And then play the Paul Kelly song embedded below, and look at the clock and say, crap, it’s not even lunchtime on Friday, and shrug and pour yourself a whisky.

In other words, get it all out of your system before the weekend, so you can go and live large, Giants.