A site to help men, 45-60, live large, be leaders, have experiences and the whole damn thing


GiantsAmongMen is a creation of Media Giants, an independent content company based in Australia.

Our authors, cartoonists, videographers and other voices deliberately come from a wide array of backgrounds, demographics and mindsets. But our mutual focus is on how best to rock out life between 45 and 60, and how to handle the shit that can go down during that time of your life.

Authors and creators on the site include:

Nicko Place

Nicko Place. A director of Media Giants, and self-imposed editorial supreme executive commander of GiantsAmongMen. Nicko is just the wrong side of 50, has been around a few blocks and lived a lot of life, good and bad. He plays competitive ice hockey, loves kicking a Sherrin around with a bunch of footy-loving mates, runs a bit, goes to the gym occasionally, writes novels, drinks too much coffee and whisky, has three kids, and regards the yellow-tailed black cockatoo as his token bird.

Tim Hunter

Tim Hunter is a writer and editor who’s doing his best to grow old gracefully, but sometimes falls off the perch. He’s written for Time Out Melbourne, The Age, MCV, Cinema Papers, DNA Magazine and many other print and online publications. He’s written and directed a documentary, Packed Lunch (2005) about gay men and Speedos, and short gay comedy Working It Out (2007). He’s not looking at slowing down just yet, and has grand plans of creating a TV drama series about gay men and their relationships. As you do when you’re almost 50…


Ray Matsen

Ray Matsen is a comedy writer, performer, skilled cartoonist, astronaut and occasional United Nations Peacekeeping Ambassador on the ground. (Great job in Syria, Ray. You nailed that shit.) He has a wife, kids, a house, lawn, sky, trees, pretty much the whole sweet set. Even still got his hair. Not that he’d skite about it. He’s just not that kind of guy. He draws our semi-regular cartoon, ‘40 Plus Male‘. And we love him for it.



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